2. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is parking possible even before check-in?

    We are thank you at 14 o'clock in the summer season.
    Of course, when there is empty space available, it is available from 8 am, but because Continue reading
  • One way 1,500 yen How do I apply for a shuttle bus?

    Please inform us of the following when specifying the shuttle bus.
    1, Do you need to go out and return? , (Example July 20 Destination, JulyContinue reading
  • How do I reserve a private outdoor bath?

    Reservation of the private outdoor bath will be announced to everyone for reservation system after check-in.Your time is only 50 minutes froContinue reading
  • Can I choose a room?

    Regarding the reservation method that is possible regarding the specification of the guest room
    1, Be sure to make a reservation by telephonContinue reading
  • Japanese Spiny Lobster, how to cook abalone?

    Japanese Spiny Lobster and abalone cooking method, it is possible to correspond sufficiently with instructions after check-in.

    Japanese SpiContinue reading
  • Can you park your car even after checking out? Is it possible to take a bath?

    At Maehara Beach, located 1 minute on foot from the hotel, a beach from July 15th to August 20th will be opened.
    "Can you park your car afteContinue reading
  • Tanada no Yomatsuri held, "Oyama Senmaita"

    1, Date and time, October 20, Heisei 20(Money)~ October 22(Day)
          17: 00-20: 00(Ignition starting 16:00·Start digestion 20: 00)
    2, LocatContinue reading
  • What is a special cuisine?

    It is a menu of special cuisine prepared today on Saturday, July 23.

    Japanese Spiny Lobster, (sashimi·Onigokuyaki·Okonomiyaki), 3,240 yen eContinue reading
  • What kind of contents is Kids' meal?

    Although posted images are an example, we are preparing shrimp fried, homemade hamburger steak, grilled fish etc.Regarding the content, pleaContinue reading
  • How long is it to Kamogawa Seaworld?

    It's about 3 kilometers away, it's about 10 minutes by car when you have your time.
    For customers coming by train or bus, we will pick you uContinue reading

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