2. Cuisine


Relaxing in the room and enjoying the taste of authentic fish

Marcian's predecessor was a fish shop in the city.
Kuroshio wash Boshu Kamogawa kamo Boshu Kamogawa has a lot of noisy taste, especially fish taste, and for fishmongers the eyeballs for "seasonal fish" and "delicious fish" were just lifelines of fishmongers.
The passion for the fish cultivated at that time is handed down to current Maruki as it is.

Taste of authentic fish "which can not be tasted only in the production area, together with the many flavors produced by the region,
Please enjoy with Maruki to your heart 's content.

Gyominan gourmet picture report

  • Japanese Spiny Lobster

  • Abalone

  • Kimme sea bream

  • Homemade food, Local Cuisine

  • Local sake suitable for cooking etc.