2. Gyominan's hospitality

Gyominan's hospitality

Three promises

  • The Maruki main building promises three promises to customers in order to provide higher quality hospitality.
  • 01.Delicious cuisine more delicious

    Passion for food in the outer chamber "Seafood" and Boso"Yamanote" is more delicious than ever before, hot items are hot, cold foods are cold, we will increase the service after cooking.

    Please also ask the service staff why the pace of serving the dishes is served.

    Regarding allergies etc., we will respond to the extent possible, so please inquire by telephone in advance.

  • 02.More Freedom to Customers

    Regarding the place of meal, dinner was not disturbed by anyone, leisurely in the room (up to 4 people), and breakfast so that you can choose either the room of your choice or the restaurant freely.

    In the case of more than 5 people, we decide whether to be a guest room or a private room restaurant so that the service will not be deteriorated.

    For small children, various kinds of goods are prepared for guest room and bathhouse. (Check out the photo gallery)


  • 03.Newly opened outdoor bath

    We have newly established an outdoor bath where many requests from customers were requested.

    Three newly opened outdoor baths with garden views can be established and five private baths can be enjoyed when combined with a private outdoor bath.

To customers

  • ·The hotel is an old-fashioned small accommodation, so there is no elevator facility in the facility.

     If you have anyone with disabilities in your body, please let us know in advance.

     All staff I will consider as much as I can.

    ·Please contact us for more than 15 people as we will respond to "whole house charter plan" and "pick up".

Maruki hospitality information

  • With the feeling of being with you.
    Flowers in the premises and rooms are there.
  • When you arrive we will meet you for the smell of "Chakoro".
  • Also attentive to amenities such as Yukata robes, towels and cosmetics.
  • We are offering sake and shochu which goes well with Boso's fish.
  • Please Loquat Jelly"Loquat Jelly" as a welcome service.
  • After breakfast we serve coffee.

Experience tourist information

  • Experience of producing blown glass

    I breathe my own breath and make original my glasses and vases etc.
    Experience time required About 2 hours, charge 3,500 yen, 20 minutes by car

    * We also use our hotel for "cool" and "ocho ko".

    For inquiries / inquiries: Masato Glass Studio / tel.04-7097-1443
  • You can experience Okkiyaki experience!

    Why do not you try challenging "Okaki-yaki" Experience sponsored by Minamiboso's famous store "Takanashi Shoten"?
    One freshly baked fish will be memories of unforgettable taste.

    Time required 30 minutes, charge 600 yen, 5 minutes by car

    * We also sell it at our shop.

    For inquiries / inquiries: Takanashi Shoten tel.04-7093-5225
  • How about a pottery experience?

    You can enjoy pottery experience where you can make your own work in "Kabogama" Produced by Masaharu Odaki pottery artist "Kabogama" Produced by Masaharu Odaki.
    Approximately 2 hours, charge 3,500 yen 15 minutes by car

    * We use it for coffee machines.

    For inquiries / inquiries: Hanbe Kabogama tel. 04 - 7093 - 2272

Landlist Recommended Restaurants

  • Sushi Restaurant Tokai

    It is a store of Shiraki built in the shop.The recommended menu is "Tokai" 2,100 yen.
    Popular menu is a little unusual jellyfish sashimi and cabbage cooked with Chinese cabbage.
    (Closed on Tuesday)
  • Kickboard

    (Closed on Wednesday)

    For inquiries: Tel. 04 (7092) 5419
  • Kirakubo

    We are making shops with people's arts, local toys and so on.I hope to make a shop where customers can come and see me as nostalgic.

    (It is open from Tuesday regular holiday, 5:30 pm)

    For inquiries: Tel. 04 (7093) 6770

Owner recommendation Kamogawa souvenir disposal

Surrounding tourist information